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3 Technical Innovations That Changed Online Casinos

It’s hard to keep up with the rapid changes in technology, isn’t it? Many of these changes have influenced the online gambling scene too. Since the dawn of the internet, technical innovation has changed gambling numerous times but it stays as popular as ever. In todays post we will detail three innovations that changed how online casinos operate.

1) Cryptocurrency
A relatively young innovation is the cryptocurrencies that are enveloping the world. Their practical usage continues to increase but it’s in online gambling where it has soared in popularity in particular. Online gamblers love the speed of transaction, the security it affords and the convenience too. Online casinos recognized that cryptocurrency sits well with their customers and quite rightly started accepting it as a form of payment with most major platforms accepting the popular forms e.g. Bitcoin.

2) Mobiles
The dawn of the internet gambling was achieved through our personal computers. However, it took off more when mobile technology improved. Everyone has mobile phones so it reached a wider audience. Customers didn’t have to wait to buy a PC or wait 5 minutes for it to load up before playing on the best online casino Singapore. The widespread use of 4G and now 5G has certainly ramped up mobile technology use for online gambling.

3) VPNs
Lastly, we come to VPNs or Virtual Private Networks. These are amazing tools that masks your IP address (actual location). What is the value of this to online casinos? Well, many countries around the world prohibit online gambling. As such, it locks out lots of potential customers. However, a VPN is a nifty tool that allows players to play on their favourite casino without being kicked out or detected where they are really are. It’s not only for those that live in countries that ban gambling either. Many punters love the anonymity it provides.

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