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Is it legal to play Fantasy Cricket?

India is one of the nations where sports like cricket are worshipped. You have an overwhelming amount of fans of this sport who are seen proving themselves to be the best fans in this world. They leave no stone unturned to prove their loyalty before the cricketing world. With IPL adding up to the bandwagon of cricket, one can find the passion for this sport to have entered into the next level. It is very much interesting to see how things have moved in this domain. Fantasy Cricket seems to be an addition to the things that come along in this program. It helps you in quenching your thirst for the love for your gave. Not only that, it also helps you to earn decent money and win good rewards for the same.

Some several sites and apps help you play these games of your vision and dream and help you win big rewards. There are several contests to participate with Fantasy Cricket, which offer both enjoyments and reward to enjoy. However, before you plan to download fantasy cricket app, one question that often bugs people, is playing fantasy games online is legal in our country? Well, that’s an important question to answer, or else you may end up making your efforts ashtray. It is very much important to address this question as there should be no confusion regarding the topic. To answer this, you need to understand where this game falls. Well, let’s address it in the following paragraph.

Well, before you download fantasy cricket app, you should know the right answer to this question. Fantasy cricket or any other sports in our country fall under the category of games of skills or skill games. The result seems to match or the competition in any game of different skillsets very much depend upon the skill, knowledge, expertise, and understanding of the players. So as far as fantasy cricket is concerned, skill remains the key factor in the game’s outcome rather than of chance or luck. We also have some judgment being ruled in the favour of such games.

As per the judgment, the Supreme Court called these games legal. It is very much legitimate to play skill games for real money and it comes for free very much in India. However, the Indian states including Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Telangana, and AP that further prevent the residents of different states from playing cash games on the internet. But with states like Telangana and a few are seen prohibiting the residents of such states that come along from playing cash the fantasy games online. However, the Indian citizens of these states and UT are seen playing fantasy sports that help earn real money on the internet and thus gain money that is seen winning the skill games. These games are open for people with 18 plus years and they are not eligible for participating in different cash fantasy contests and these are prevented from playing such games and thus gain cash games by Indian law.

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