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Why You Should Open Multiple Accounts With Bookmakers

An essential trait with bookmakers is opening as many accounts as you can with them for winning free bets. Setting up a new account and registering is not difficult than the rewards involved in doing so. Many people are not able to find free bets in one place leading them to open many accounts. There is no rule for opening bookmaker’s accounts.

W88 Soikeo deals with opening a registry W88 account for playing more than 200 tournament games and becoming a partner for attracting attractive commissions and bonuses. The bookies and the bookmakers offer and support the best bank and deposit methods. There is 24/7 online support to listen to queries of the players.

Reasons For opening multiple accounts

  • Getting of betting bonuses

Bonuses are the additional rewards you get while signing up to the betting sites and all the sports betting sites give a welcome bonus to members in some of the other forms. It can be a deposit bonus or even a free bet. Free bets are great ways of winning which is a long shot bet knowing that the wager amount is given by the bookie.

Free bets are simply priceless in executing certain gaming strategies like matched betting. The more bonuses you earn, the more chances of your winning and that is possible by placing accounts with many bookmakers.

  • Betting at the best odds

Two bookmakers might be giving two different best odds but you will not come to know of it if you don’t register with both. Many times, Bookmaker 1 might be betting on a specific selection that Bookmaker 2 and you sign up with additional bookmakers, you have more offers to shop for.

If you are planning to buy free bets, then you will have to be betting at the best odds, which you will know only when you are having many bookies accounts.

  • Spreading of bet risk

Betting with one bookmaker means all the transactions are recorded in one place only. Bookmakers in the industry are there for making financial profits. If they are judging a certain player over the other then they get an advantage over the other for winning.

Spreading of the betting risk lowers the risk of getting your account reduced. When you are having accounts with 15 bookmakers, you can easily shop for the best price.


So, open as many bookmaker accounts as you can. This will help you earn a lot of money.

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